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Membership at the Y

Find the Right One for You

When you become a member at the Grundy Family YMCA, you’re setting yourself on a lifelong journey of healthy spirit, mind, and body. You’re a part of an organization that provides everything from child care, health and fitness, family time, and so much more. Membership at the YMCA provides many benefits but comes with responsibilities, too. We ask that you dive into our organization to get involved and be a role model of the YMCA values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. We ask that you volunteer or contribute to the Y’s Annual Support Campaign that provides membership assistance for those who can’t afford full fees. Become a member at the Grundy Family YMCA and be a part of something so much more.

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Membership Types



Membership for adults aged 26-64 years old

Activation fee $20

 Adult Couple


Two adults who reside in the same home and both between the ages of 26-64

Activation fee $40

Single Parent Family


One parent and any children 18 years old or younger, living at home

Activation fee $30



One adult 65+ years old

Activation fee $20


Membership for adults 19-25 years old

Activation Fee $10

Young Adult



Two parents with children up to age 18, living at home

Activation fee $40



Membership for children 17 years old and younger

Activation fee $10

Senior Couple


Membership for two adults residing in the same home; one adult being 65+ years old

Activation fee $40

"Such a great asset to our community! Grateful to have a budget-friendly exercise option with a friendly face! ❤️💪🏃🏻‍♂️"

Sara Wegmann - Google Reviews

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